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devIT - Website, Write Article(2012.08 ~ 2013.11)
hpsound blog - Skin, Image(2013.08)
Techtree Media Solutions - Gadgetlife Website(2013.11 ~ 2014.04)
Superstudy - Planner, Design Guideline, etc. (2013.12 ~ 2015.02)
Superstudy - Website(2015.11 ~ 2015.12)
Superstudy - Website Maintenance(2015.12 ~ 2016.06)
Project Next^M2 - Website, Push Service(2016.09~) - Cancelled


Nothing yet.


(Only available in Korean.)

Daegu Subway Map
Final Fantasy XIV EORZEA Passport Generator
Final Fantasy XIV EORZEA Visa Stamp Generator
Final Fantasy XIV Twitter Self-Introduction Sheet Generator
Final Fantasy XIV Raiders/Party Recruitment Sheet Generator
S.Korea President G.H. Park's Ment Parody Image Generator
Flat ribbon Wallpaper
Game Center Pictogram
Korea M BUS(Metropolitan Bus) Vector Logo
MERS-CoV Graph on Korea
Seoul Subway Line 9 Route Map
STOP One History Textbook on S. Korea - Twitter, Facebook Cover image & Profile image Generator

About Me

Name: Dongju Lee / Nickname: Soul Lee(or SNHsoul, Soul)
living in South Korea. Undergradute Department of Electronics and Information Engineering.
Interested in IT, Programming, Design, Subculture, Rhythm Game, Photography, and Public transport.
Play Final Fantasy XIV(KOR), jubeat, and many Console Game.


Twitter: @so_u1
Twitter(Game): @soul_firefox
Blog: Neurolinker Studio
Github: snhsoul